Mainstreet Classics 36 -Inch Table Top Foosball Table Review

To start these foosball table review sessions we take this Mainstreet Classics 36 -Inch Table Top Foosball Table which offers all the enjoyment of foosball without taking up excessive space. This foosball table size is one of the most highlighted features as it’s not the greatest table around and furthermore not the littlest for perfect foosball gaming. Basically, this size makes it simple to move and considerably less demanding to stow away when it’s not being used.

It’s likewise exceptionally solid and doesn’t move around a great deal while being utilized. This dynamic foosball table comes with a couple of manual sliders that enables you to keep track of who’s winning, and you have an appealing bundle to appreciate with any reason. 

Generally, experts say the Mainstreet Classics 36 -Inch Table Top Foosball Table is extraordinary compared to other little and tabletop foosball tables for kids which have some brilliant features and at the same time its cost effectiveness. This 36-inch table does not consume much space of your home and the smaller size of the table makes it an effortlessly settable gadget on any level surface or with a table. 

Mainstreet Classics 36 -Inch Table Top Foosball Table Review
Mainstreet Classics 36 -Inch Table Top Foosball Table Review

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Mainstreet Classics 36 -Inch Table Top Foosball Table Review

Now let’s talk about some unique features of this Mainstreet Classics 36 -Inch Table Top Foosball Table:

At the very first moment we saw that when analyzing all the features of a foosball table we found that it is likewise versatile in nature and enables clients to bring it with them wherever they go for outing. Basically, the Mainstreet Classics Foosball Game table comes with 2 soccer style foosball balls with six lines of players.

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At the same time, for scoring  two manual sliders built with this foosball table and a double return of end ball  and so on. Among the six lines of players, four columns have three players and on each side, there is a solitary goalie player that is likewise accessible. 

In the event that you would prefer not to break your banks to purchase the best foosball tables for kids then you can surely pick this table undoubtedly. As reviews given by the past clients of this table, they said that this is a truly awesome foosball table and a sheltered gadget for children, starters and it is also suitable for older people as well. 

On the other hand, the overall dimension of this best foosball table is around 36 to 3 by 4  Length X 20 inches in width X 11 to 3 by 4 inches in height. At the same time, this tabletop kids foosball table weighs all around 22.7 pounds. 

This table is made with a solid and decidedly intended for the youngest foosball players like kids. On the off chance that if you decided to present something energizing to your kid on his next birthday then we must say this Mainstreet Classics 36 -Inch Table Top Foosball Table will make a perfect present for your lovely kid. The upkeep and gathering of the table are likewise simple and are concerned with any reasons so you don’t need to procure a specialist to amass this item subsequent to acquiring. 

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So, at the end of this features analysis we must say this Mainstreet Classics 36 -Inch Table Top Foosball Table is best for your kids because of its dynamic features and capability to entertain your kids by serving the best enjoyment of foosball games as professional foosball gamers do. 

Advantages of this game kit: 

Mainstreet Mainstreet Classics 36 table is a solid, simple movable foosball gaming kit. which accompanies scoring features at the same time which is the ideal size for a little foosball table. This foosball table comes with two soccer balls, which is helpful when your kid definitely loses one of them.  We would love to say it’s an alluring foosball gaming kit, you’re getting a foosball table that is worked to resemble a scaled down soccer stadium. There are pleasant decals as an afterthought, an exquisite green pitch and the players all have decent looking units on as well. 

On  the other hand, It merits specifying that this table is just a single on a test that has the single protective objective guardian game plan. All the others have a line of three. You could see this emphatically or contrarily. 

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From one perspective it resembles it’s grown up with a full estimated partner yet on the other it could demonstrate troublesome for youths not to let in an excessive number of objectives. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, however, this specific pole is more deft and simpler to utilize in light of the fact that there’s somewhat less weight to control which enhances your response time. At the same time, manufacturers made this one as concerned with kids’ enjoyment so they ensure the quality before launching to the market. 


Yes, there are a reasonable couple of negatives to consider. First off contrasted with the majority of the other small foosball tables when we set up for the survey, we found that this one is the most costly. But the assembly quality is great, however, it could be better as a few people have grumbled about parts waiting to be stuck or braced back together. 

One other negative is that Mainstreet Classics 36 table should be ready when you get it. This can be a smidgen tedious and not perfect when opening for a child’s birthday or Christmas Day, what with the unavoidable postponement in getting on with the game play. A couple of clients have additionally had issues with openings not exactly arranging. 


Q: Is Mainstreet Classics 36 foosball table assembled?

Answer: NO Dear, you have to do it yourself. This mini foosball table comes part by part. You can easily assemble this one by following the user manual that comes with each unit. 

Q: What about customer service?

Answer: In a sentence the customer service is awesome. When you need them jut make a call they will respond to your call as quickly as possible. 

Q: What should be the game serving quality of that foosball table?

Answer: As we said in the reviews this foosball table comes with some great features concerning kids foosball game enjoyment. In this contest, the manufacturer made this with such quality which is able to serve the best quality of foosball game for kids enjoyment. 

Q: Is this one easily portable?

Answer: For its size and weight it is the foosball table made with the portability is concern also. 


So, by analyzing all the features and aspects we would say this Mainstreet Classics 36 -Inch Table Top Foosball Table can possibly be a decent item yet is maybe somewhat excessively costly for most. In case you’re paying this sum for a smaller than normal foosball table, you should be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt you’re getting the best. At the same time, if you present it for your kids it is the best option for you to ensure foosball gaming enjoyment. Because it comes with the best quality need for a foosball table for kids. 

In other sentences we must say confidently, this foosball table makes your child a professional foosball player because they love and like it. On the other hand, your family members also like it. Yes, it is true that this foosball table is made for kids but the elder member of your family can play with a game kit to maximize the maximum enjoyment of the foosball game.

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