Top Rated MIG Welder Reviews | Buyers Complete Guide 2024

You’re here because you need a MIG welder or have found a sudden interest in the equipment. Either way, someone has to take the responsibility to give you some idea about the MIG welders. Now if you’re interested in learning what features make the top MIG welders, then I’ve got a buying guide just for it. But if you’re thinking of buying the tool to do work more efficiently, then I’ve got the best MIG welder reviews right here. You need to go through it to find the dream equipment. So, why wait any more? Jump on the Top Rated MIG Welder Reviews and start reading.

Top Rated MIG Welder Reviews

Here are some of the Top Rated MIG Welder Reviews and start reading.

Top Rated MIG Welder Reviews | Buyers Complete Guide 2024
Top Rated MIG Welder Reviews | Buyers Complete Guide 2024


Hobart 500559 Handler 140:

For entry-level welding, you will find very few options as good as the Hobart’s 500559 Handler 140. This wire feed model from Hobart is probably the most famous machine to come out of the manufacturers, and its mass popularity is because it can even handle MIG welding. So, now you don’t need to get a MIG welder as it can do the task with style and precision.

This MIG welder might be an entry-level tool, but it offers better versatility than most elegant equipment out there. For instance, its 5-position tapped voltage control selector. Now users can get a smooth and stable arc on any material thickness without worrying about making mistakes. By the way, this machine has a 115 voltage parameter which means you can use it in any current household system.

In the power output department, the Hobart might not provide the ability to perform heavy-duty tasks. However, for working on small projects with thin metals, the 140 peak amperage is enough. But you can enjoy this peak for 2 minutes at a time as it has only a 20% duty cycle. 

Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder

Like the earlier Hobart, the 210 MPV has the same versatility. So, you can plug this too in any household system and use it. But it gets even better with the 210 MPV as it has a multi-voltage plug. This feature allows the Hobart to operate with both AC and DC. Just plug the welder and let it detect voltage input on its own. 

This welder also has seven voltage settings where you can take it to peak welding power of 210 amps. At 90 amps power output the Hobart Handler has a duty cycle rate of 20%, but when you crank it up, it not only gives more power output but also helps the duty cycle rate to increase by 10%. Now, that is impressive in every sense.

To be honest, the 210MPV is a hybrid between the Handler 140 and the Handler 190. That’s because at 115V the Handler 210 provides similar output to the Handler 140. While at 230V, it offers slightly more production than the 190 model. However, compared to the other two welders, the wire feed is somewhat on the lower side. But overall speaking, this model is more versatile to work on different types of projects compared to the welders mentioned above.

Lotos MIG140 140:

The Lotos MIG140 gives an affordable MIG welder option to those who are looking for something more up to their speed. This machine is a small but powerful welding machine which offers the same flux cored or solid wire versatility like most welders. This one also uses the 120V 20A power socket which means you can use it in your homes as well as your auto body shops.

But compared to the Hobart models the Lotus MIG140 brings more to the table. And it does that using its two LED displays which allow users to examine both the arc voltage and wire feed rate. By the way, this one has a durable aluminum wire feeder. So, this changes the welding game entirely as it gives much more stability with better welding experience. 

The new upgraded Lotos MIG140 offers industrial quality performance at a price range that most buyers would appreciate. It isn’t the most mighty MIG welder nor does it present enough duty cycles. But what it provides is quality welding experience in an affordable price range and for this reason alone it’s a real bargain.

SUNGOLDPOWER MIG 150A Welder Flux Core Wire:

For more power in your MIG welder, go for the sun gold power 150A model. The 150 amperage welder isn’t the most output a welder has to offer to be honest. However, it is adequate to work with on most materials whether its mild steel, iron and or any other metal.

This welder is, by the way, a flux wire machine. Therefore it doesn’t use any gas while welding work. This feature is something many people consider essential in their welding machine. But the thing that makes it a real gem is its thermal protection. If you overload the device while working, it will shut down automatically. It doesn’t let you damage the machine in any way by overdoing the duty cycle.

Also, working with it is fun as it has an excellent feed speed control system. So, working on thin metals is more comfortable as you can control the settings to your requirement.

Lincoln Electric K2185-1:

Lincoln L2185-1 is a portable welding machine. It is quite compact and lightweight. The ultimate combination for those welders who need work on small repairs and hobby projects. But there is more to it. This weld has both flux-cored and MIG welding options. The 35-88 amp output isn’t much but with the multi-use functionality; it becomes a great option.

The cold contactor safety feature is something that gets many mentions, but it certainly deserves more attention. Due to its existence, the feed wire remains cold until someone pulls the gun trigger to heat it. So, working the longest hours with the welding is much more tolerable than usual. 

If that wasn’t enough, the Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy also has a lot of extra accessories. Like it’s six contact tips, 3lbs of the spool, a chipping/hammer brush. Plus, there is more stuff like the gasless nozzle for flux-cored, the gas nozzle, regulator, and a hose to help the welding! Just for all these things, many will prefer the Lincoln model over the other ones.

Lincoln Electric K2698-1:

For many, having a secure operating and comfortable welder is the top priority. Such thinking makes a lot of sense as welding takes a lot of time and it takes a toll on the body. For those users, the Lincoln Electric K2698-1 is the right fit. This welder weighs just 85 pounds which is quite lightweight for a welder. And it gets more impressive as this isn’t a small welder. 

While the Lincoln wins people with its portability, it doesn’t disappoint those others who prioritize power more than anything. This particular model has a 180-Amp output. No surprise that this portable MIG welding machine has won over the most passionate welders. But without any doubt, the versatility of the K2698-1 takes all the spotlight. This MIG welder works as both gas-free flux core welding and gas-shielded MIG welding. 

The Lincoln Electric is perfect for both professional and beginners alike. It is a pure welding machine as it can handle any metal with ease. Meanwhile, it offers a super-smooth welding arc which grants you a smooth, stable weld which every user dreams of a welding machine. 


To perfectly penetrate any material, you need to have the Lotos MIG175. Unlike the others, its duty cycle rate won’t let you down. That’s because this model offers an impressive 30% duty cycle at 135A. However, when you crank it up to its peak, it gives a 20% duty cycle. But 2 minutes of time at 175A is just enough to progress through your projects quickly.

There are a lot of accessories that come with the welder. And still, the setup process takes just about 5-10 minutes as it is quite intuitive. There are so many accessories just like the spool gun that comes with the package. Such parts save time and effort when you weld as it feeds the wire evenly while the flux core and the argon gas system traps impurities. So, seamless welding is possible, and the results are impressive as it will pass with flying colors every single time. 

The Lotus MIG 175 just for its functionality deserves to be in this best MIG welder reviews list. The is a package offering more than just a welding machine. It comes with wire, a welding protection mask, an argon regulator, an argon horse, a ground clamp and cable, a MIG spool gun and a MIG torch. There aren’t that many machines that come with an array of accessories. And just for that reason alone, this is a great buy.

Welder, MIG/Flux Core, 120V:

If welding is your hobby and nothing more than spending big bucks on powerful MIG welders isn’t a good idea. Instead, go for something subtle which is enough to meet your needs. And the first name pops in mind while thinking about such equipment is the Miller Electric MIG welder.

Like most devices in this best MIG welder reviews list, this also uses the standard home 120V input unit. However, this thing doesn’t give much power output. The peak is 90A which is the lowest of all the welders on this list. But for rare welding situations, you won’t be needed anymore.

However, the Miller Electric has some unique features. Like breakthrough control. This feature enables the welder to set proper parameters automatically. But you still can manually set things using its manual mode. Besides that, it got a quick select drive roll for quick setup. You can’t ask much more from a beginner level tool.

Goplus MIG 130 

Finding a MIG welder that works on a 110v input unit is quite hard. But thankfully you can see the Goplus MIG 130 which happens to be compatible with 110v.

This welding machine has a convenient size of 12 inches. And for making sure users get the best use out of it, this got everything sorted. For instance, the safety mask that it offers in the package. It even comes with two power cord of 6 feet and a 5 feet cord with the gun. As a package you’ll be getting the welding machine, the welding gun and even it has a welding wire and a brush too. 

The Goplus MIG 130 Welder Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welding Machine is the perfect home improvement tool. It isn’t a powerhouse, but it can get small jobs done with ease. So, if it meets your requirement, stop looking and get the Goplus.

Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC

Usually, cheap things are lacking in the features department and still we go for it due to the attractive price it has to offer. The same thing happens in case of Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC. The Forney Easy Weld is a great starter welder with a good value for money. This MIG welding machine might not blow your mind with impressive performance or unique features, but for the price what it offers is not so bad.

For starters, like most welders nowadays it runs on 120-volt input. So, you can plug and play with almost any power outlet in the world. It has a 125 power output which is suitable to work with on most metals, but it has to be thin layers. For heavy duty work, it won’t be the right equipment honestly speaking.

The Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Welder is a portable unit. It only weighs 41 pounds and has a dimension of 23 x 11 x 18 inches. So carrying it from one place to another or storing it won’t be an issue. And the best part, there is a 90-day warranty on the welding machine. So, don’t be afraid to take it to its limit.

Pro-Series MMIG125 125 Amp:

Pro-Series MMIG125 125 Amp Flux core Welder Kit isn’t that powerful nor the most versatile MIG welder. However, its unique features are the reason it made it to the list. First of all, it’s quite a super light MIG welder. This thing only weighs about 10.4 pounds while providing penetration to 18 gauge. The numbers are awesome.

This portable welder even offers Thermal Overload Protection. There isn’t that much power to get welding with compared to the other welders. It runs on 80 amps at a 20% duty cycle. However, the ability to both power inputs is one of the reasons many people go for this model. Plus, the installation is a relatively simple process and supports the standard home power inputs. 

For beginner welders, this is the perfect kit. They can work on small projects and weld up to 1/4 “thick steel. So, if you’re feeling welding then go for the Pro series.

Multiprocess Welder, Power MIG, 5-350 Amps

There are a lot of MIG machine options here, but if you’re looking for something more adaptable then this Multiprocess Welder is for you. It is the Power MIG 350MP, and it is more than a simple MIG welder. This Lincoln delivers an array of welding processes. From stick, TIG to more advanced procedures like Power Mode and Pulse-on-Pulse feature is up for grabs with this machine. And apparently, there is the MIG welding, no surprise there. 

This model isn’t just versatile for its multiple welding processes. It is handy because of its power output variety range too. As you can see, this has a low power output of 5 amps which enables you to work on thin materials with precision. Meanwhile, you can work your way up and go to 350 amps which is just enough to work on any welding project.

The Lincoln offers power mode which lets you have a stable, smooth arc for short arc welding on thin material. And there are more features that it would take a whole day to write about. So in simple terms, if you’re looking for the best MIG welder, this is the one for you.

Hot Max 135WFG:

Just take the Hot Max 135WFG out of the box and start welding your way through anything. Yes, it is that simple as this thing requires almost no installation or anything. Just plug it to the nearest 120 Volt single phase power you can find in the standard household power, and you’re in business. While many machines require MIG conversion kits, this one is ready to get the welding done. Plus, it even includes an Argon/CO2 regulator and hose. 

The Hot Max 135WFG has a uniqueness that you won’t see in any other machine. That is its infinitely adjustable wire feed and Voltage Control system. Users can now adjust the settings whenever they want while welding. And the best part, there are no cumbersome selector switches to limit your voltage settings to a handful of options. 

The Hot Max MIG welders is an easy going machine with some great features. It has a decent power output of 135A which isn’t much. But for working on 5/16” mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, it is enough. So, if that’s your requirement from a MIG welder, go for it.

Lincoln Handheld 120VAC:

The Lincoln Handheld 120VAC is another MIG machine which avoids gas by using flux-core wire to shield the welding. So, you get clean results without any contamination. Besides getting the highest quality welding, you’re going to get the versatility of working on different metals. Just crank the heat and weld mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum without any problem.

The Lincoln model offers more range than any other 120-volt portable machine in the business right now. The Lincoln has a wire speed range of 50 inches per minute to 500 inches which is just impressive. This kind of adaptability gives you a lot of options to use the machine for work. Plus, its fully adjustable speed control system removes wire tangle and wire crushing issues for good.

You can’t go wrong with this Lincoln Welder. It’s a pretty good machine with a hard to beat warranty which makes it even better. However, this is a machine for small jobs. So, if you are planning on doing some heavy duty welding, keep your search on for something more powerful.

Buying Guide Top Rated MIG Welder Reviews

Before buying a welding machine, you need to get certain things sorted. There are many factors one needs to consider if you’re thinking to get a MIG welder. For instance, why do you need it? Are you thinking of working on massive projects or just doing some small projects all by yourself at home? And there many other factors like this one need to be clear about before going out and buying the best welding machine. So, if you want to find out what they are, then you’re at the right place. In this best MIG welder reviews buying guide, I will provide you all the resources to find the perfect equipment.

Welding Types: 

The top-rated MIG welders can offer a variety of welding options while not all welders do the same. Therefore depending on your requirement of welding-type, you need to choose your MIG welder. So, naturally the first state of business is to learn about the different welding types, and that’s what you’re going to do right now.

  • Stick Welding: This process of welding uses a rod to send electric current to weld the metals. In this process, the rod used in this process gets made of a core wire coated in flux. And the electric arc is formed amid the gaps of metal due to the contact between the energized circuit and the welding rod tip. Now, it results in heat causing the metal to melt while the welding rod starts turning into the weld. During this time, the flux coating keeps the metal safe from the oxides and nitrides that are floating around in the air.
  • MIG Welding: The MIG welding process is different from the earlier one as it uses an ongoing feed. Here the whole wire electrode goes through a welding gun. You will be operating it by pulling the trigger on the gun which will make the wire fed through it. And this will cause the electric arc to form between the metal and the rod. This way you’ll be heating the material to melt them down and join together. For your information, MIG welding uses a mix of carbon dioxide and argon together for the welding to happen. And this welding is typically is used to act on for alloys like stainless steel, nickel, copper, and aluminum
  • Flux-Cored Arc Welding: Similar to MIG welding, this process also uses the fed welding rod continuously. However, there is a big difference as this also uses a tube-like wire filled with flux instead of using a solid cable like the other one. The flux cored arc welding uses two types of flux-cored wire. One is self-shielded which does not use the external gas. Instead, it uses the flux itself to shield the molten weld puddle. Meanwhile, the dual shield uses both the external gas and flux for keeping the molten weld safe. In windy situations, it is wiser to use the self-shielded wire for welding. 
  • TIG Welding: This is entirely different from the rest. Here, in TIG welding, it uses a non-consumable welding rod for heating the metal to make the molten weld puddle. And similar to MIG welding, this process also demands to be protected by an external gas supply. For TIG welding,  argon is considered the best shielding gas. The best part, you can use this welding process on most metals.
  • Multi-function Welding: For diverse welders, a multi-functional welding machine makes a lot of sense. There are a lot of MIG welder brands that support the flux core options. However, not all of them give such vast variety. But those present such opportunities lets you switch between the welding process with ease. Perfect for those who do different types of welding and not just into a kind of welding. Also, it makes sense as you can save both time and money buying a multi-functional welder instead of buying welders that perform a specific task.

Duty Cycle:

The duty cycle of a welding machine is something that needs to be considered with care. Now some of you might have heard the term duty cycle for the first time. There is nothing to be worried about if that’s the case. It is a simple term which gives you an idea how much time a welder can work in the 10 minute time frame. For instance, if you’ve got a 300 amps welder with 70% duty cycle, then it means the welder can work for 7 minutes continuously with full power of 300 amps before shutting down. So, while making the purchase, go for welders that have a higher duty cycle rate.

Overload Protection:

Older welder machines used to get overloaded and then get damaged due to the thermal overloading. That was a big issue as this machine doesn’t come cheap. So, repairing them cost a fortune. But that issue has been resolved with the newer models. Now, MIG welders come with thermal overload protection. So, when the welder is overused than the duty cycle, it automatically shuts down to keep accidents from happening. 

Metal thickness:

This feature is as important as any other thing. To get the best result from welding, you need to find the right diameter of the wire. And doing this is quite easy. Depending on the metal of your welding, choose the thickness of the wire. Therefore, if you’re welding a thin metal layer then go for a smaller wire. While for thick metals go for something more substantial. Plus, customarily, the wire material needs to be precisely similar to the metal you plan to weld. So, if you’re welding stainless steel, then the wire needs to be stainless steel too.


The portability feature might not seem like a significant factor while deciding on purchase. But buyers need to think about it as much as the other factors. Because, if you’re looking to weld your way through at different places, then your MIG welder needs to be small and lightweight. So, it won’t cause portability problems while you’re moving from one place to another. But if you’re looking for power your way through then, it is the job for the big guys. And those things come with a lot of baggage.


If you carefully look at the best MIG welder reviews, then you’ll notice the machines do not come cheap. They are quite expensive and therefore if they go out of order for some reason, that will be a huge loss. To avoid such situations, go for models that offer decent enough warranty options. So, unfortunately, if your welder gets broken, you can go and get a new one or get that one repaired without spending any more money.


There are a lot of options I have provided in this best MIG welder review. Hopefully, you will be able to find the right tool from here. However, if you don’t see the one you’re looking for, then you can keep the search on using the buying guide all by yourself. Either way, you will have a MIG welder to get the job done.

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