Best Ever Top 10 Cheap Foosball Table Reviews | Wonderful Guide for You

Are you looking for a cheap foosball table for your gaming room? First of all, we would like to express our heartfelt congratulations, on the one hand, that you want to buy a foosball table. And then read our article consciously as we focus more on the foosball table for the players. We have researched a lot and made a list of top 10 best Cheap Foosball Table Reviews. Continue reading…

Another name of foosball is called table football or table soccer which is a breathtaking game of experience. Nowadays it has become popular for many of us. It is a common concern in bars, schools and many other recreational areas as well. 

But without having the best foosball table it is quite impossible to become an expert in this game. That is why for many of us it is important to buy the right one, especially the cheap one. So how do you buy the cheap one that works best for you? 

Unfortunately, you are spoiled for choice because the selection of game furniture offered in this country is immense. Therefore, take a moment to read this article and think about what you need for the foosball table and what type of player you are. Then sleep one night over it (or two or three), and then make your decision in peace.  


Best Ever Top 10 Cheap Foosball Table Reviews | Wonderful Guide for You
Best Ever Top 10 Cheap Foosball Table Reviews | Wonderful Guide for You

Top Rated Cheap Foosball Table Comparison Chart :

There is a wide range of foosball tables out on the market that makes it confusing to choose the best one. So we have rounded up a top 10 Cheap Foosball Table Reviews with comparison chart for 2024. This comparison chart will make your search a little easier. Let’s see the chart of cheap foosball table for 2018 below: 

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Here is our Top Picks Cheap Foosball Table Reviews:

What is an excellent addition to your game room is a foosball table. Foosball is roughly based on football which is basically a tabletop game. It is not only fun but also a competitive game which is played by 2 players. 

But for a beginner, it is challenging to buy the affordable and best one for their gaming room. Here is a list of the top 10 best and cheap foosball tables and their reviews below.

Best Choice Products 48 Foosball Table: 

Are you considering buying the best cheap foosball table? Why not buy the Best Choice Products 48 Foosball Table which is the first product in our cheap foosball review guide. 

It seems to be a great decorative piece of the item which is suitable for living room, game room, and man cave. It is excellent to bring a little friendly competition to the gamers and provide them a great enjoyment. 

The Best Choice Products 48 Foosball Table has a medium density fiberboard construction. It is strong and durable enough due to its chrome finished steel rods. 

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The best cheap foosball table has 2 holders. Each of the cup holders helps you to assemble this table easily and appropriately. This foosball table features 11 white players and 11 red players. There are also 8 rows in the table where each team has 4 rows.  

There are two balls included and for better control over the ball, it is equipped with rod bars that have comfortable grips. This table also features a smooth and frictionless surface for the ultimate winning goal. There is a 100V fan motor which ensures the frictionless surface of the table. 

The Best Choice Products 48 Foosball Table has an electronic dartboard which is suitable for adding any wall of your game room. This electronic dartboard comes with a sturdy door design and heavy plastic construction. 

Another great feature that makes it easy to store and easy to set up in a small area is their compact design. It also features a low height which makes it perfect for all ages, mainly children to attend the party of joy. 

Finally, the best cheap foosball table is really the sign of style and fun. The MDF material makes its construction more stable than others. Overall it is an absolute collection which is worth the money. Thank you!

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table:

The Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table is another great unit for all ages and sizes which provide you the ultimate fun and entertainment. 

It is a cheap foosball table which provides you a competitive play same to the regular size table. It offers you an exciting and fast action playing experience. 

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The Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table comes with chrome plated steel rods which allow you fast and stronger shots. It also features a user-friendly rubber handle which is designed to fit comfortably in your hand.  

The MDF material makes the construction of the playing field smooth. It also comes with a sturdy L-shaped leg which is designed to deal with hours of rigorous game play. The legs of this cheap foosball table are equipped with non-marking rubber pads. 

You can move this table from one room to another without any scratches on your floor or other furniture. It features solid plastic players which are molded to increase the accuracy when shooting and passing.   

This cheap foosball table features 3-man goalie design. It helps you to perform tough corner shots. The slidable scoring systems on each end help the players to keep track. There is also a goal box which is designed to return the ball easily and automatically. 

It is easy to assemble which has two soccer foosballs. Overall it features a great quality for the price which is worth the money. It is also great for kids. I would recommend this unit. Thanks. 

Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table   

The Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table is the fast-paced fun for the family. One of the most important features of this table is its energetic and soccer-inspired design. It is really a classic foosball table which provides you the ultimate excitement. 

The hathaway foosball table is also perfect for kids to play. The user-friendly grips and steel rods offer you a fast and competitive play. 

Another great feature of this unit is its compact design which makes it fit in a small size room.  It is also suitable for office rooms, game rooms, apartments and more. 

The Hathaway foosball table features an American design. It is designed and engineered to provide you quality control and excellent customer service which is also maintained by US employees. The overall manufacturing steps are completely guided by a professional team in the USA.

The hathaway foosball table now becomes a world-class excitement in your office or game room. It features colorful graphics which has an exciting soccer stadium with extreme fans. It also features a long-lasting play which is easy to put together. 

There are also mobilized leg levelers which ensure a smooth playing field. The hathaway foosball table features a 180-day manufacturing warranty. 

They also ensure you provide damage-free parts and accessories. If there are any major defects they guarantee you to replace the parts or give you the new one without any cost. So let’s take advantage of this quality table. 

Harvil 38-Inch Tabletop Foosball Table:

The Harvil 38-Inch Tabletop Foosball Table is an entrance of lively feeling and quality. The modern and lively graphic design makes this tabletop foosball table a great unit for the gamers. It also comes with a durable construction which is amazing. 

The Harvil foosball table has stable legs including non-marking pads, a durable cabinet, and silver steel rods. It also features non-slip rubber handles and wear resistant screen printed graphics. Having the highest ball control and shot precision it is equipped with deluxe bearings. 

The portability and convenient design make this tabletop foosball table user-friendly. It is durable enough which is comfortably fit on your kitchen counter, on the floor or on the coffee table. It is also suitable for kids (4 years) due to the 3-goalie setup. 

 The Harvil foosball table is light in weight and easy to store. The tabletop foosball table comes with all the necessary equipment for installation such as a) 2 durable goals b) 2 black and white foosballs c) 6 strong goalie configurations and d) 2 manual slide scoring units. 

The most significant feature of this foosball table is its money back guarantee and warranty. It also ensures you can provide all the parts without any shipping damage. 

It also guarantees you to replace or repair the defective parts within a 90 day period at no costs. Finally, the Harvil foosball table is really the one that I intended to buy for my gaming room. 

Minigols Mini Foosball Table

The Minigols Mini Foosball Table is one of the unique sets around the world. This small foosball table is suitable for kids up to 4 years. The players are painted and molded to represent their real-life counterparts. 

During game play the player comes with a removable back for adding onto the foosball rods. You can customize game strategy and formations by attaching players anywhere on the rods. 

The Minigols Small foosball table offers two different teams to play against each other or exchange players and build your desired team. 

 The Minigols Mini Foosball Table also comes with a) 11 Seattle Sounder players b) 11 generic foosball players c) built-in leg levelers d) 2 foosballs and e) official club stickers. 

It comes with a generic team and a Barcelona team where others are available for buying individually. This table is excellent for playing which looks really nice. It is definitely fun not only for kids but also to all. I would recommend this fantastic unit to anyone.  

Mainstreet Classics 36-Inch Table Top Foosball

The Mainstreet Classics 36-Inch Table Top Foosball is an excellent unit especially for those who love to play a soccer game. The best mini foosball table is very sturdy, durable and well built for kids. The Mainstreet Classics offers you all the fun of foosball. 

This is an affordable unit which does not need too much space for the setting. You can assemble this table in a small room and can store it easily due to its compact size. It is also portable enough and you can place it anywhere for more fun.

The best mini foosball table comes with a) foosball balls b) 2 manual sliders for scoring c) dual-end ball returns. It has 6 rows of players and each row has 3 players. There is also a single goalie player on each side of the row. 

The Mainstreet Classics 36-Inch Table Top Foosball is really a fun game which is perfect for kids to play and enjoy as well. This product is only shipped to the USA. They also shipped in some selected countries outside of the USA. Let’s have fun with this Mainstreet Classics Foosball Table. 

Giantex 27″ Foosball Soccer Competition Table

The Giantex 27″ foosball soccer competition table is one of the most exciting products which are pretty strong and brings lots of fun to your family. The tabletop foosball table is highly convenient to play which needs little space.

The Giantex tabletop foosball table features an excellent portable design. This table is durable enough which fits on top of your kitchen counter and coffee table. You can also set up this table on your floor which has any scratch. 

The Giantex tabletop foosball table is light in weight. You can transport and store this table easily. It comes with a heavy wood construction. It has durable steel rods which are strong and reliable. It also provides extra stability with its 4 leg construction. 

The Giantex 27″ foosball soccer competition table offers fun for all ages from kids to adults. This simple and versatile tabletop foosball table fits appropriately in your garage or game room or playroom. It is definitely a unique option for your ultimate entertainment. 

The Giantex tabletop foosball table is easy to play. There are 6 rows in the table and each team has 3 rows. There are also 9 yellow players and 9 red players.  It features an inside ball rescue at each goal. 

It features a united leg panel design. It also has a scoring device for convenient gaming processes.  Finally, I would recommend this foosball table. Let’s enjoy its free shipping delivery. 

Giantex 28″ Foosball Soccer Competition Table:

The Giantex 28″ Foosball Soccer Competition Table is another top rated and best selling product out on the market. This mini foosball table is highly portable and convenient. You can enjoy a competitive game with this foosball table. 

The mini foosball table is compact enough which allows you to play the game anywhere in the room. You can also store this foosball table easily. It features a strong wood construction. It also has sturdy steel rods which are strong and durable to last long. 

The Giantex mini foosball table offers you extra stability due to its 4 legs construction. This easy to use and versatile unit offers you the ultimate excitement from kids to adults. You can fit this mini foosball unit in a garage or game room or playroom which offers you a unique option of entertainment.   

The Giantex mini foosball table is easy to play. This table has 6 rows of 18 players and each team has 9 players. This table comes with all the necessary equipment including scorekeepers, 2 soccer balls. The scorekeepers help you to measure the scoring of your total goals. 

It comes with all you need to assemble this table but needs a little assembly. I also love it’s free shipping delivery. I would like to recommend this mini foosball table. 

Giantex Foosball Table

The Giantex Foosball Table is one the best units for playing any indoor enjoyment within friends and family or even Colleagues. This small foosball table features MDF Construction. It has durable steel rods. The slide bearings of this foosball table offer smooth rotation. 

There are also ball serve cups for convenience on both sides. You can use this unit for a long time. The small foosball table comes with an excellent design. They also provide extra Strength due to its crossbar support. 

The Giantex foosball table comes with a) crowd graphics b) fabricated focused on players c) Soccer Field d) scoring device on both sides. This foosball table is easy to use. 

It comes with all the necessary parts and accessories which are packed in a package. It has two red and white balls and its overall dimension 47.6’’ X 24’’ X 30.7’’. 

It is easy to assemble which needs little assembly. You should follow the instructions of the assembly and tighten them strictly. You don’t need any extra help for the assembly of this foosball table. This foosball table should keep away from under 3 years old. It features a chromium coated construction. 

The small foosball table offers you a great job due to its smooth playing surface. It features a great quality which comes at an affordable price. It also offers you free shipping on delivery. 

The Giantex foosball table offers lots of fun. It is also a great satisfaction to the soccer player. I would highly recommend this foosball table.  So let’s buy one and have great fun and excitement. 

KICK Foosball Table Elite

The KICK Foosball Table Elite is the final product in our top 10 best cheap foosball table review guide. It is one of the most popular and top-rated units among soccer. The perfect size and cool color of this foosball table make it the best selling unit out on the market. 

Also, the KICK foosball table is one the high quality and dream game table for the foosball enthusiasts and foosball lovers.  Its affordable price makes it more popular with the foosball lovers. It is such a standard and quality product that was manufactured after years of research, development, and design. 

The best cheap foosball table ensures you enjoy a satisfying and effective gameplay as it is tailored by an expert team of industrial engineers. It is definitely the style collection that is suitable for your lifestyle and game. 

The best cheap foosball table is a highly durable and elegant unit. The foosball table includes a) Premium Bearings b) 1/4″ Playing Field c) 2″ Leg Levelers d) 2 Soccer Style Balls e) 8 Wooden Handles With Screws. 

The best cheap foosball table features an easy ball return and slide scoring on each end of the foosball table. It also features 1/3 goalie designs. There are chrome plated rods which are (8 durable ½”) semi solid stainless steel.  

There are two teams and each team has 13 Yellow uniformed foosball players and 13 Red uniformed foosball players. This KICK cheap foosball table is easy to assemble and directions. You can also move around. It also seems like a good purchase for kids. 

The best cheap foosball table offers a lifetime warranty on all parts and accessories to the users. It also offers free day shipping. The KICK foosball table provides 100% satisfaction of customer service. It is perfect for your family playroom. Overall, it is really a great unit for the money. Let’s buy it now!


Having the best cheap foosball table is really an amazing way of enjoying this pleasant game anytime you desire. Everyone loves to play this foosball table game. The right foosball table helps you to experience the best enjoyment of the game. 

So you need to choose the best one that is perfect for both you and your family. In our article, we try to focus on the best one for you within your budget limit. That is why we discussed the best cheap foosball table based on your personal preference. 

You can read the reviews of our top 10 foosball products and choose the right one for you. I hope this review article will help you to make the right decision. I Hope you have a wonderful day with this foosball table. 

We are eager to know seriously what you think. Have you got any of the Cheap Foosball Table Reviews we discussed? Which one do you buy and how did the table work out for you? Or what do you know about the even better foosball table? 

Please leave a comment below! And help your fellow customers to make the right choice. Over to you!

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