Eleventree 2 Pack RV Water Heaters Magnesium Anode Rod


It is a common phenomenon that the anode rod of a water heater corrodes slowly by some chemical actions. This corrosion causes a lot for the users, who are expecting long life of their water heater. In that way eleventree RV water heaters magnesium anode rods are a very good option to keep the consumers tense free. As it prolongs the life span of a water heater, it deserves all credits of long durability.


Eleventree 2 Pack RV Water Heaters Magnesium Anode Rod
Eleventree 2 Pack RV Water Heaters Magnesium Anode Rod

Water Heaters Magnesium Anode Rod Features

Protect corrosion

Eleventree magnesium anode rods protect water heater containers from being corroded. It absorbs the corrosive elements quickly and thus extends the life of a water heater. 

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Suitable for high capacity

These anode rods are suitable for the water heaters of high capacity. It could be a perfect replacement for suburban 232767 and Mor-Flo 6-Gallon water heater as it belongs to high quality RV anode rods.

Longer size

Eleventree 2 pack RV magnesium anode rods are longer in size which refers to 9.25- inches long, ¾ inches threads and use 1-1/16 inches socket.

More active

This magnesium anode rods are more active than aluminum rods. So surely it is a sign of more effectiveness. As it works faster, it corrodes quickly but provides greater performances.

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Quality life  

Depending on the nature of your water tank and concentration of metal iron in the water, life of an anode rod varies. But it has a normal life of 2 years minimum, which is satisfactory to any consumer.

How does it work

When water becomes hot, the iron tank of the water heater is eroded gradually by the help of oxygen and water. This reaction of corrosive elements increases rapidly following the temperature rise. Thus, magnesium anode rods are used to be eroded instead of the water tank. Because magnesium metal is more active than iron. This is the way it saves the water tank.

So, for safety be sure that you are not using anode rods, which already have abraded completely. If not then you are always in a big risk to get electric shock due to a damaged tank.

Technical details

  • Part Number: m-2
  • Item weight: 11.8 ounces
  • Package dimension: 10.7*5.1*1.1 inches
  • Size: 2 pack
  • Shape: circular
  • Flow rate: 6 GPM
  • Extension length: 9.25 inches
  • Cord length: 0.75 inch

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  • Work more efficiently than aluminum rods.
  • Belongs strong durable life.
  • Fit for a high capacity water tank.
  • Provides better services by protecting the water tank.
  • Best quality within an affordable price. 


  • Doesn’t work with the wrong socket size.

Solution: Socket size does really matter. Eleventree anode rods support a socket, which is 1-1/16 inches in size. So, it is recommended to pick the right socket that fits your head to get better results. 

Frequently asked questions

Is this magnesium anode rods fit for 12 suburban water heaters?

Answer: Eleventree refers to it fits for all suburban water heaters.

Does it work with low flow rate?

Answer: No. It works perfectly with 6-GPM water flow rate.

Conclusive phase

As a consumer of a water heater you can never neglect the urgency of replacement of anode rods. In that sense eleventree 2 pack RV water heaters magnesium anode rod would be a great choice for its comprehensive performances. No doubt about it that eleventree anode rods are a better product as most of the reviewers suggest their opinion on behalf of it.

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